How it works

At VivaLogo™, logo designs are not treated lightly. We scrutinize every minute detail, and put in as many hours as needed to come up with the perfect identity for your business.

Complete the logo info form.

The more you tell us, the better we can work for you. If any information is missing or we have questions, we’ll let you know at that time. Then you proceed to our secure e-commerce page.

Start by choosing a package.

Need help? – Fill out the form on the left and we`ll contact you to discuss and help you decide.

Please feel comfortable asking for any revisions at this point.

For many of our clients, the first draft triggers new ideas and a change in design direction. There are no extra charges for logo revisions.

View original logo concepts online

in our Client Area, in 3-7 days (depending on the chosen package). Reviewing the first draft is an important step and you can take the time you need to complete this step.


We help you track your investment performance

When you approve a concept, we will send you a package with various graphic formats of your new logo. This includes vector and bitmap files.

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